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Empty Legs private jet flights

Aircraft rental for an individual flight is available in different variants. The possibilities of business aviation are steadily expanding, and many offers of this service sector are becoming more accessible and convenient. The Private Jets UK company selects business jets for rent using the Empty Legs system, which is becoming increasingly popular. Such flights allow you to fly almost anywhere in the world on a comfortable aircraft for a minimum cost. Moreover, you can be in the cabin all alone and take advantage of all the pros of business aviation.

We work with the world's leading Empty Legs bases, including closed bases of operators owning private planes. Data on the list of flights are updated every 2-3 hours. You can leave a free request for the selection of Last minute private jet flights in the direction you need – the company's managers will monitor this direction and, if a suitable aircraft appears, they will help you book it promptly. Please note that only a small part of the flights carried out is usually presented in the public domain in order to preserve confidentiality. If you want to get more information on current flights, please call +442045773119.


empty legs


What is Empty legs?

The term “Empty legs” is literally translated as "return or empty flight". This is what aircraft flights without passengers are called in aviation. It happens for three reasons:

  • The client orders a private plane in one direction. That is, the plane flies back empty;
  • Airlines move aircraft between airports based on their own logistics;
  • The client orders a plane to a certain airport. In this case, the business jet flies to the starting point of the lease without passengers.

Return and technical flights allow you to take on board any number of passengers, based on the capacity of the aircraft.

In fact, Empty Legs differs from a standard private flight only in the fact that the planes take off at a pre-planned time and date. The level of service inherent in business aviation remains on board, pets and luggage can also be taken to the cabin. In some cases, you can also agree with the airline to postpone the departure to a more convenient time for passengers. Operators try to meet customers’ needs, especially if the situation allows it.




How does the aeroplane rental by the Empty Legs system work?

Employees of Private Jets UK, responsible for the direction of Last minute private jet flights, update the schedule of aircraft flying under this scheme daily. Therefore, the website always presents an up-to-date schedule. If you want to find a suitable business jet, then you need:

  1. View the flight schedule on the website and submit a request by phone or by filling out the online form;
  2. Wait for the operator to call back. It usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes. The consultant will tell you about all possible options and, if possible, will send a list of offers to the mail;
  3. Choose a suitable flight. After that, the flight consultant will acquaint you with all the nuances of payment, ticket registration and departure;
  4. Book Empty legs. At this stage, you can choose additional services provided when renting business jets.

After confirming the application, each passenger is assigned a personal air broker responsible for a comfortable flight. The personal assistant can be asked any questions of interest round the clock.


private jet London


The cost of Empty legs flights

Renting an aircraft under the Empty legs system involves significant discounts compared to renting an entire plane. They range from 20 to 80%.

The cost depends on:

  • Flight distances;
  • Business Jet class;
  • Number of passengers on board;
  • Other technical issues.

It should be understood that discounts on aircraft flying under the Empty legs scheme do not affect the quality of service. Passengers receive all the same privileges as travellers who rent planes for sole use. Of course, the empty legs scheme is most beneficial to the air carrier, since it can cover part of the costs of transporting the aircraft. However, passengers who have chosen this way of moving can always count on a high level of comfort and service for an adequate price.


private jet rental


Closest Empty Legs flights for 2 months:

  • London to Palma, business jet Learjet 75, from £7,000;
  • Athens - Palma, Learjet 45 business jet, from £9,000;
  • Amsterdam - London, Citation XLS business jet, from £3,500;
  • London - Dubai, Global 6000 business jet, from £60,000;
  • Bristol - London, Citation CJ2 business jet, from £2,000;
  • London - Inverness, Learjet 75 business jet, from £5,000;
  • East Midlands - Rome, Challenger 604 business jet, from £5,000;
  • London - Faro, Gulfstream G-450 business jet, from £11,000;
  • Birmingham - Cannes, Cessna 510 Mustang business jet, from £4,000;
  • London - Jersey, Learjet 75 business jet, from £3,000;
  • Bristol - Munich, HondaJet business jet, from £5,500;
  • London - Aberdeen, Citation CJ1 business jet, from £3,000;
  • Quebec - Farnborough, Global 6000 business jet, from £35,000;
  • Manchester - Venice, Hawker 750 business jet, from £7,000;
  • London - Reykjavik, Citation XLS+ business jet, from £10,000;
  • London - Paris, Citation M2 business jet, from £4,000;
  • London - Palermo, business jet Pilatus PC24, from £8,000;
  • Manchester to Cannes, Falcon 2000LX business jet from £9,000;
  • London - Rome, Hawker 750 business jet, from £6,000;
  • Cardiff - Dresden, Phenom 300 business jet from £4,800;
  • London - Venice, Legacy 500 business jet, from £8,000;
  • London - Zurich, Phenom 300 business jet, from £7,000;
  • Edinburgh - Venice, Challenger 604 business jet from £5,000;
  • Hamburg - London, Cessna 510 Mustang business jet from £4,000;
  • London - Venice, Legacy 500 business jet from £8,000;
  • London - Barcelona, Challenger 300 business jet from £5,000;
  • London - Milan, Challenger 604 business jet, from £4,000;
  • Glasgow - Berlin, business jet Phenom 300, from £4,700;
  • London - Dusseldorf, Challenger 604 business jet, from £5,000;
  • London - Valencia, HondaJet business jet, from £4,500;
  • Dublin - Paris, Pilatus PC-12 business jet, from £3,500;
  • London - Geneva, Challenger 300 business jet from £4,800;
  • London - Munich, business jet HondaJet, from £5,500;
  • Aberdeen - Mykonos, Phenom 300 business jet, from £6,200;
  • London - East Midlands, Phenom 300 business jet from £1,500;
  • Liverpool - Paris, Challenger 300 business jet, from £4,200;
  • London - Dusseldorf, Challenger 604 business jet, from £5,000;


Online paperwork for private jet flights


Online Calculator

If you want to make an urgent calculation of the cost of a private plane flight, use our online calculator. Just fill in all the fields of the form with a note that you are interested in a specific model of the aircraft and get the final price. NB! – the figures are sent to you by email or messenger, please carefully fill in the contact details to get the calculation.

All our calculations are as transparent as possible for you. After receiving the request, we will prepare a beautiful offer - where the costs and the final price will be clearly described. The exact price is agreed in advance and is written in the contract, so you can be sure of the final cost.




Empty Legs Flight Schedule for 2024

Here's a list of current Empty Legs business aviation offers. The website reflects only a small portion of the flights being operated. A more detailed list for the next available dates can be obtained from the managers of Empty Legs.


arranging a flight by private plane


Planned flights:

London ➞ Bordeaux

12 pas.

Legacy 650

9 500 EUR

London ➞  Nice

5 pas.

Citation M2

6 500 EUR

London ➞  Paris

4 pas.

Phenom 100

3 500 EUR

Birmingham ➞   Hamburg

5 pas.

  Citation CJ3

8 500 EUR

Manchester ➞  Larnaca

8 pas.

Challenger 300

9 000 EUR

Bristol ➞ Barcelona

12 pas.

Legacy 650

13 000 EUR

London ➞ New York

12 pas.

Gulfstream V

67 000 EUR

London ➞ Berlin

7 pas.

Citation CJ4

5 000 EUR

Edinburgh ➞ Salzburg

5 pas.


5 500 EUR

Belfast ➞ Paphos

8 pas.

Citation XLS+

16 000 EUR

Liverpool ➞ Milan

10 pas.

Challenger 604

11 000 EUR

London ➞ Chambery

10 pas.

Falcon 2000LX

8 000 EUR

London ➞ Venice

8 pas.

Citation XLS+

15 000 EUR

Leeds ➞ Zurich

8 pas.

Citation XLS+

8 000 EUR

Birmingham ➞ Brussels

4 pas.

Phenom 100

5 500 EUR

Manchester ➞ Bern

6 pas.


6 000 EUR

Edinburgh ➞ Zagreb

10 pas.

Citation CJ2+

5 000 EUR

London ➞ Beijing

14 pas.

Global 6000

32 000 EUR

Belfast ➞ Geneva

8 pas.

Learjet 75

6 000 EUR

Manchester ➞ Toronto

14 pas.

Falcon 900LX

39 000 EUR

Glasgow ➞ Dominican Republic


Gulfstream G700

41 000 EUR

Liverpool ➞ Athens

9 pas.

Challenger 300

4 500 EUR

London ➞ Ibiza

13 pas.

Challenger 850

11 000 EUR

Birmingham ➞ Malaga

6 pas.

Citation CJ2

7 500 EUR

 London ➞ Astana

12 pas.

Challenger 605

21 000 EUR

London ➞ Palma

10 pas.

Falcon 2000LX

16 000 EUR

Glasgow ➞  Copenhagen

12 pas.

Challenger 604

8 000 EUR

Bristol ➞ Amsterdam

9 pas.

Challenger 350

5 500 EUR

Edinburgh ➞ Monaco

12 pas.

Falcon 900

12 000 EUR

Leeds ➞ Dubai

13 pas.

Legacy 650E

48 000 EUR

Liverpool ➞ Phuket

15 pas.

Challenger 850

24 000 EUR

Birmingham ➞ Olbia

10 pas.

Challenger 604

10 000 EUR


Comparison of Empty legs and Jet Sharing

You can fly a business jet at the lowest possible cost by choosing another direction - Jet Sharing. This is what they call a partial rental of an airplane. Both alternative travel schemes are popular not only among middle-income passengers. Large businessmen who have a flexible schedule and prefer not to overpay also try to get on such flights.

There are differences between these two schemes of an economical flight, although they are not too significant. Jet Sharing involves sharing the total cost of renting a plane between all participants of the flight. The more seats are purchased, the cheaper the flight will cost for each participant.

Empty Legs are return flights of an aircraft already paid for by a previous customer. The air carrier sells tickets for such flights at a discount which it sets independently. Another difference between Jet Sharing and Empty Legs is that in the first case, the plane will take off only if most of the seats are rented, i.e. there will be fellow travellers. However, return flights to the destination will fly, even if there is not a single passenger on board.


jet sharing


Is it possible to fly with the Empty Legs scheme in two directions?

Initially, return flights were possible only in one direction, that is, to the airport of the plane. Today, the number of requests for flights under this scheme is constantly increasing, so business aviation is looking for opportunities that allow the client to fly comfortably and at a minimum cost in any direction.

Private Jets UK in most cases helps its customers to find return flights regardless of the date and destination of the route. We can arrange Last-minute private jet flights in both directions, since:

  • The bases used by the company has hundreds of business jets regularly rented for flights to Europe, Asia, and the regions of Russia. This means that the number of return flights is huge, and data about them are always in the database;
  • We are constantly improving the company's logistics, which allows us to develop the most convenient flight schedule for customers;
  • We can arrange connecting flights. Transferring to another business jet at the airport does not negatively affect the level of service.

Different types of business jets are often selected for Empty Legs in two directions. However, all the aircraft used in business aviation are distinguished by a high level of security, a comfortable and spacious cabin and the possibility of ordering additional services.


directions of flights by private airplane


Is it possible to order Empty legs on a specific date?

Empty planes fly back according to a pre-planned schedule. The schedule of current offers can always be viewed on our company's website. If there is no suitable option for you, then you can leave a request at any time, in which you will need to specify the direction and the desired departure date.

Private Jets UK air brokers are interested in ensuring that customers who have applied to the company are satisfied with the quality of services, so they will be able to find an opportunity to organize a flight according to a scenario that suits the client. If necessary, we can move the scheduled date of the return flight by a few hours, or a longer period of time, if the private plane involved, has no further flights. In any case, we are always ready to negotiate with the owners of business jets and find a compromise solution.


prices for business jet flights


Documents required for the flight

If you are planning a flight to foreign countries, then you will need a passport. You will also need a visa in some countries. Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, a certificate of vaccination or test data showing the absence of infection may be required in large airports. The specific list of documents depends on the region. When making flights through our company, the operator will immediately explain exactly what papers and permits will be required from you.



Profitable cooperation with Private Jets

Our company is a professional business aviation broker and has hundreds of regular customers who rent planes all over Europe. This is explained by several indisputable facts:

  • We are ready to offer a full range of services related to business aviation;
  • We have the largest selection of modern business jets that can be selected according to capacity, equipment, comfort level, flight distance;
  • We work with each client individually. We select the best flight options that suit the price, departure date, service;
  • We conclude contracts. If necessary, we issue the documents required for the report to the tax service;
  • We are fully responsible for the safety of the flight. The team has experienced pilots who are able to adequately respond to unforeseen situations in the air. The used business jets are constantly undergoing maintenance and are equipped with innovative navigation and flight control systems.

You may call us to clarify all the information you are interested in about Empty Legs flights and other ways of renting aircraft. After booking a flight, each customer can count on the round-the-clock assistance of a personal aviation expert.


Prices for private jet flights


UK business aviation airports

Our clients have access to all airports of the UK and Europe. Due to the unique partnership conditions, we can offer our clients the best prices for business aviation services. Our experts will consult you on the availability of private jets in a particular city and help you choose the best option.


Current list of TOP 25 business aviation airports:

Airport Country ICAO IATA
London Heathrow Airport England EGLL LHR
 Birmingham Airport England EGBB BHX
London Gatwick England EGKK LGW
London City Airport England EGLC LCY
London Luton England EGGW LTN
Edinburgh Airport Scotland EGPH EDI
Leeds Airport England EGNM LBA
Manchester Airport England EGCC MAN
London Stansted England EGSS STN
Liverpool John Lennon Airport England EGGP LPL
Newcastle Airport England EGNT NCL
 Bristol Airport England EGGD BRS
Glasgow Airport Scotland EGPF GLA
 East Midlands Airport England EGNX EMA
 Southampton Airport England EGHI SOU
 Jersey Airport England EGJJ JER
Cardiff International Airport Wales EGFF CWL
Inverness Airport Scotland EGPE INV
Bournemouth Airport England EGHH BOH
Airport Doncaster Sheffield England EGCN DSA
Oxford Airport England EGTK OXF
London Biggin Hill England EGKB BQH
Belfast Airport Northern Ireland EGAA BFS
Gibraltar Airport Gibraltar LXGB GIB
Aberdeen Airport Scotland EGPD ABZ



How to pay for a flight and refund money for a failed flight

Payment for the aircraft lease is carried out after the signing of the contract. You can deposit cash or make a wire transfer. In some situations, an invoice is more convenient, but in any case, our company allows the client to choose the payment method that is more profitable for him/her.

If the scheduled flight is canceled at the client’s request, the funds won’t be returned in full. This is quite understandable since certain costs for the organization of the flight were already on the part of the air broker. However, our company tries to make sure that the client loses as little as possible. In those situations, when the lease is canceled due to our fault, which fortunately happens extremely rarely, the funds are returned in full.

You can find out all the conditions for renting business jets by phone or by sending a request to our company's email.


business aviation


Our team

We hire only the best specialists who are well-versed in all aspects of business aviation. 33 professionals, working in Private Jets UK, arrange the helicopter and private jet charter flights.

Each client is assigned a personal air broker who undertakes to:

  • to stay in touch with the customer 24/7;
  • to answer all questions related to the choice of private jet, optimization of the route, selection of staff, catering, security and meeting at the airport and quickly address all organizational problems;
  • to provide the highest level of service and pay attention to the smallest details.

Our employees work all over the world, so they know many languages. The contract is usually issued in English (however, if necessary, we can translate it into any other language). You can always contact our managers who will help you solve the tasks of any complexity. After all, our goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable on board.


Private Jet UK team photo


Direct communication with the company management:


TOP 5 best brokers in the UK:


Private Jets UK has received multiple awards and certificates for its high level of customer service.


Additional services in business aviation


Features of the company

For over 15 years of providing aviation services in Europe, Private Jets UK has accumulated a lot of experience in the solution of business aviation problems. Each of our team members is well versed in the documentation and organization of private flights.

Numbers we are proud of:

  • We have been actively developing in the field of business aviation for over 15 years.
  • Our staff includes 33 specialists who speak 6 international languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian).
  • The company’s catalog contains over 6500 models of private jets and helicopters, available for order at any time.
  • We have 3 international offices in Europe and are planning to open the new ones in Cyprus.
  • We only need 2-4 hours to arrange an urgent flight.
  • The company has over 200 regular customers worldwide.


If you still have questions about Private Jets UK, we will be glad to help you. You can always call us or fill out the form on the website. Our aviation consultant will contact you as soon as possible and send you an official presentation of the company and answer all your questions.


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The company’s offices

We will be glad to see you in our offices in London, Paris and Berlin. Note that our schedule may be changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check the exact information with the operators. We strictly follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and carry out all necessary preventive measures: hand sanitizers, social distance, air disinfectants and wet cleaning three times a day. All company employees are vaccinated.



company office


Business Aviation in London


Address: Business Aviation Centre, Hartmann Rd, London E16 2PX, United Kingdom

Email address: london@private-jets.co.uk

Opening hours: daily from 8:00 to 23:30.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



Business Aviation in Paris


Address: Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget, 93350 Le Bourget, France

Phone number: +44 773 014-55-85

Email address: paris@private-jets.co.uk

Opening hours: daily from 7:30 to 23:30.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



Business Aviation in Berlin


Address:Platz d. Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin, Germany

Email address: berlin@private-jets.co.uk

Opening hours: daily from 8:30 to 23:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



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