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Private jet charter in USA

Private Jets UK operates private jet flights in USA. Our customers have access to 6500 jets of all types and configurations available for rent. We will help you choose the best option based on your needs and objectives. Our catalog contains the models from the largest manufacturers: Gulfstream, Dassault, Embraer, Airbus, Boeing, Sukhoi, Bombardier, Learjet, Cessna, Beechcraft, Pilatus, HondaJet, etc. For 15 years of successful work, we have established partnerships with the world’s largest airlines and VIP terminals, which means we can offer you the most favorable flight conditions and a high level of service. Our experts will manage the organization of your flight - starting with paperwork, agreements, etc., and ending with a transfer and meeting at the airport. Our company provides a full range of business aviation and concierge services. Most of our jets are based in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, and European countries.


private jet charter


At your request, the aviation consultants of Private Jets UK will help you choose the jet with the suitable technical parameters (production year, flight hours, and home base). The cost of the private jet charter in USA depends on many factors, such as the model of the business jet, the number of passengers, departure and destination airports, type of flight, duration of parking, additional services, etc. Therefore, we calculate the price of each order individually taking into account your wishes. You can use an online calculator to get an instant charter quote. Please indicate your real contact details to get the final calculation.

You can calculate the cost of your flight in several ways:

  • using an online calculator on the website (however, it shows only the approximate price);
  • via Messenger (WhatsApp or Telegram);
  • by landline or cell phone;
  • via e-mail (jets@private-jets.co.uk).




Please note that the above-mentioned price is indicative only. It is calculated based on the following data: departure from London Heathrow Airport, Embraer Legacy 600 Jet, two passengers. If you want to get a personal quote, just fill out the online booking form below. Our aviation consultant will make the calculation within 20 minutes, and then contact you to specify the details of the flight.


How long does it take to fly to USA?

The flight time on the private jet:


1 route

  • London - USA (New York), by private jet Citation XLS+
  • Aircraft range: 2100 nm, 3889 km | 441 kts, 817 kmh
  • Route: LHR | EGLL ⟶ JRB | KJRB
  • Distance: 3000 nm / 5557 km
  • Flight time: 8:18 h


2 route

  • Edinburgh - USA (New York), by private jet Challenger 605
  • Aircraft range: 3995 nm, 7400 km | 470 kts, 870 kmh
  • Route: EDI | EGPH ⟶ JRB | KJRB
  • Distance: 2830 nm / 5240 km
  • Flight time: 6:01 h


3 route

  • Birmingham - USA (New York), by private jet Challenger 605
  • Aircraft range: 3995 nm, 7400 km | 470 kts, 870 kmh
  • Route: BHX | EGBB ⟶ JRB | KJRB
  • Distance: 2937 nm / 5440 km
  • Flight time: 6:15 h


4 route

  • Glasgow - USA (New York), by private jet Challenger 605
  • Aircraft range: 3995 nm, 7400 km | 470 kts, 870 kmh
  • Route: GLA | EGPF ⟶ JRB | KJRB
  • Distance: 2796 nm / 5177 km
  • Flight time: 5:57 h


5 route

  • Belfast - USA (New York), by private jet Challenger 605
  • Aircraft range: 3995 nm, 7400 km | 470 kts, 870 kmh
  • Route: BFS | EGAA ⟶ JRB | KJRB
  • Distance: 2750 nm / 5094 km
  • Flight time: 5:51 h


The exact flight time depends on the model of the business jet, as well as the speed of the tail or head wind. Our consultant will make a detailed calculation of the flight time for the chosen business jet.


private jet rental


Prices for the private jet flights to USA

Below are the approximate prices for the flights performed this year. TOP 7 options:

  1. from London to USA (New York) - from 50000 EUR;
  2. from Edinburgh to USA (New York) - from 52000 EUR;
  3. from Glasgow to USA (New York) - from 51000 EUR;
  4. from Belfast to USA (New York) - from 50000 EUR;
  5. from Birmingham to USA (New York) - from 55000 EUR.

We can arrange the flights from any cities in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and European countries. Due to a large database of available business jets, we can help you find an optimal jet and crew. If you have any questions about the departure or the flight itself, you can ask them using the form below:




Prices depending on the type of business jet

We can clearly show the high dependence of the cost of the flight, on the type of aircraft - we have collected approximate data, at the price of 1 flight hour, for various types of business jets:

  • Large jet (similar to Legacy 600) - from 4900 to 5800 GBP per flight hour;
  • Business liners - from 10300 GBP per flight hour;
  • Light jet - from 2100 to 3000 GBP per flight hour;
  • Long-haul jet (similar to Global 5000, Gulfstream G550, Falcon 7X, etc.) - from 5800 to 8800 GBP per flight hour;
  • Medium-sized jet (identical to Cessna Citation XLS+, Hawker 800XP, etc.) - from 3000 to 3700 GBP per flight hour;
  • Turboprops - from 850 GBP per flight hour.
  • Large medium-class jet (similar to Challenger 300, etc.) - from 4600 to 5500 GBP per flight hour;
  • Small jet, from 1700 to 2500 GBP per flight hour;


Prices for private jet flights


Also, we have prepared a table with the general prices of the most popular planes:

Type of aircraft Capacity (persons) Price (euros per hour)
✈ Cessna Citation Mustang 4 1800 €/h – 2400 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation Jet 1 & CJ1+ 4-5 1900 €/h – 2500 €/h
✈ Embraer Phenom 100 4 2200 €/h – 2600 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation Jet 2 & CJ2+ 6-7 2300 €/h – 2800 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation Jet 3 7 2500 €/h – 3000 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation Jet 4 7-8 2600 €/h – 3200 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation II & II/SP 7-9 1800 €/h – 2400 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation Bravo 7-8 2100 €/h – 2600 €/h
✈ Hawker Beechcraft 400XP 6-7 2300 €/h – 2800 €/h
✈ Embraer Phenom 300 6 2400 €/h – 2900 €/h
✈ Bombardier Learjet 40XR 6 2500 €/h – 3000 €/h
✈ Raytheon Beechcraft Premier IA 6 2200 €/h – 2700 €/h
✈ Piaggio Avanti P180 & Avanti II 6-7 2200 €/h – 2700 €/h
✈ Bombardier Learjet 45 & 45XR 6-8 2800 €/h – 3200 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation Excel 7-8 2800 €/h – 3200 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation XLS & XLS+ 7-8 2900 €/h – 3700 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation Sovereign 8-9 3400 €/h – 4200 €/h
✈ Bombardier Learjet 60 & 60XR 6-8 3400 €/h – 4200 €/h
✈ Hawker 750, 800XP & 850XP 8 3500 €/h – 4100 €/h
✈ Hawker 900XP 8 3600 €/h – 4200 €/h
✈ Gulfstream G150 6-7 3500 €/h – 4000 €/h
✈ Cessna Citation X 8-9 3500 €/h – 4300 €/h
✈ Dassault Falcon 50 & 50EX 9-10 4000 €/h – 4600 €/h
✈ Gulfstream G200 8-10 4400 €/h – 4900 €/h
✈ Bombardier Challenger 300 8-9 4500 €/h – 5000 €/h
✈ Dassault Falcon 2000, 2000EX & 2000LX 8-10 5000 €/h – 6500 €/h
✈ Dassault Falcon 900B 12-14 5400 €/h – 6800 €/h
✈ Dassault Falcon 900EX, 900DX & 900LX 12-14 6600 €/h – 7500 €/h
✈ Bombardier Challenger 600 & 601 9-14 4700 €/h – 5700 €/h
✈ Bombardier Challenger 604 & 605 9-12 4900 €/h – 5500 €/h
✈ Bombardier Challenger 850 12-15 5300 €/h – 5900 €/h
✈ Embraer Legacy 600 & Legacy 650 12-13 4900 €/h – 5700 €/h
✈ Gulfstream G300 10-13 5500 €/h – 6400 €/h
✈ Dassault Falcon 7X 13-15 7000 €/h – 8000 €/h
✈ Bombardier Global Express 12-15 6500 €/h – 7500 €/h
✈ Bombardier Global XRS & Global 6000 12-15 7200 €/h – 8200 €/h
✈ Bombardier Global 5000 9-14 6900 €/h – 7900 €/h
✈ Gulfstream GIV-SP, G400 & G450 12-14 6500 €/h – 7800 €/h
✈ Gulfstream GV, G500 & G550 12-16 7000 €/h – 8500 €/h
✈ Embraer Lineage 1000 17-19 9000 €/h – 11000 €/h
✈ Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) A318 Elite 18-30 10000 €/h – 13000 €/h
✈ Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) A319 18-30 11000 €/h – 15000 €/h
✈ Boeing Business Jet BBJ1, BBJ2 & BBJ3 19-50 10000 €/h – 20000 €/h
✈ Beechcraft King Air 90 & 90GTx 5-6 1400 €/h – 1700 €/h
✈ Beechcraft King Air 200 & 200GT 7-8 1500 €/h – 1800 €/h
✈ Beechcraft King Air 350 8-9 1700 €/h – 2200 €/h
✈ Beechcraft 1900D 18-19 2600 €/h – 3400 €/h


The cost per hour indicated in the table is preliminary and does not constitute an offer or a commercial offer. Exact prices are available from the managers of the company.


Online Calculator

If you want to make an urgent calculation of the cost of a private plane flight, use our online calculator. Just fill in all the fields of the form with a note that you are interested in a specific model of the aircraft and get the final price. NB! – the figures are sent to you by email or messenger, please carefully fill in the contact details to get the calculation.

All our calculations are as transparent as possible for you. After receiving the request, we will prepare a beautiful offer - where the costs and the final price will be clearly described. The exact price is agreed in advance and is written in the contract, so you can be sure of the final cost.




Private jets are ready to take off

Our database contains over 6500 business jets (about 3500 in Europe and 3000 in the rest of the world) of different configurations and production years. The list of models is constantly updated. Unfortunately, we can’t post a full list of available jets on our website due to confidentiality issues. Please contact the managers of the company for more accurate information. We will help you choose a suitable model taking into account your wishes. The following jets currently operate in USA:



  • Cessna Mustang (4 seats) - 15 aircraft are available;
  • Learjet 40XR (6 seats) - 11 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Bravo (8 seats) - 9 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Phenom 100 (7 seats) - 17 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna CJ2+ (6 seats) - 25 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna CJ3 (8 seats) - 13 aircraft are available;
  • Learjet 60XR (7 seats) - 10 aircraft are available;
  • Hawker 750 (8 seats) - 18 aircraft are available;
  • Dassault Falcon 100 (8 seats) - 23 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Citation M2 (7 seats) - 12 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Citation Mustang (5 seats) - 25 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Citation XLS+ (9 seats) - 16 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Citation СJ 4 (10 seats) - 14 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Phenom 100E (7 seats) - 20 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Phenom 300 (10 seats) - 11 aircraft are available;
  • Learjet 70 (7 seats) - 8 aircraft are available;
  • Learjet 75 (9 seats) - 11 aircraft are available.



  • Beechcraft King Air 250 (7 seats) - 21 aircraft are available;
  • Beechcraft King Air 350 (9 seats) - 17 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Caravan (12 seats) - 13 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Denali (9 seats) - 10 aircraft are available;
  • Piaggio P180 Avanti II (8 seats) - 9 aircraft are available;
  • Pilatus PC-12 (8 seats) - 10 aircraft are available.


online private jet directory


Super-midsize jet:

  • Cessna Latitude (9 seats) - 15 aircraft are available;
  • Challenger 300 (9 seats) - 32 aircraft are available;
  • Hawker 900XP (8 seats) - 41 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream G200 (10 seats) - 19 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Praetor 600 (12 seats) - 15 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream G250 (10 seats) - 27 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Citation Longitude (12 seats) - 18 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign+ (12 seats) - 20 aircraft are available;
  • Cessna Citation X+ (12 seats) - 15 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Legacy 450 (9 seats) - 33 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Legacy 500 (11 seats) - 40 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream G150 (8 seats) - 17 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream G280 (10 seats) - 11 aircraft are available.


Heavy jet:

  • Challenger 605 (12 seats) - 31 aircraft are available;
  • Dassault Falcon 900B (14 seats) - 27 aircraft are available;
  • Challenger 650 (8 seats) - 44 aircraft are available;
  • Bombardier Challenger 800 (19 seats) - 38 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream IV (16 seats) - 15 aircraft are available;
  • Dassault Falcon 2000S (10 seats) - 31 aircraft are available;
  • Bombardier Global 5000 (19 seats) - 15 aircraft are available;
  • Bombardier Global 6000 (19 seats) - 22 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Legacy 600 (13 seats) - 28 aircraft are available;
  • Embraer Legacy 650 (13 seats) - 33 aircraft are available;
  • Falcon 7X (14 seats) - 26 aircraft are available;
  • Falcon 8X (18 seats) - 35 aircraft are available;
  • Falcon 900LX (14 seats) - 19 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream G450 (16 seats) - 24 aircraft are available.


Ultra-long range:

  • Gulfstream G550 (14 seats) - 24 aircraft are available;
  • Bombardier Global 6500 (17 seats) - 25 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream 600 (18 seats) - 21 aircraft are available;
  • Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty (18 seats) - 11 aircraft are available;
  • Global Express XRS (12 seats) - 17 aircraft are available;
  • Bombardier Global Express (19 seats) - 18 aircraft are available;
  • Gulfstream G650 (19 seats) - 35 aircraft are available;
  • Dassault Falcon 6X (18 seats)- 29 aircraft are available.


This is only a small part of the jets available. We can always send the chosen jet from the neighboring country or airport.


How to book a private jet?

You can book a private jet flight in USA in 6 easy steps:

  1. Flight request – indicating the route and your preferences for the model of business jet and other points.
  2. Coordination of flight details – our consultant will contact you to offer the possible flight options and answer all your questions.
  3. Commercial offer – we will send you a final offer on a specific model taking into account all your wishes.
  4. Signing of the contract.
  5. Payment for the flight and booking a business jet.
  6. Departure at the agreed time and date. Assistance during the whole flight.

In addition to renting the private jets and arranging the flights, we provide concierge services, premium transfer, security, exclusive catering, etc. For over 10 years of experience in business aviation, we have learned to solve problems of any complexity, offering the service of the European level. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you arrange your flight.


How to rent a business jet with a crew

5 main stages:

  • Sending an application

  • Clarification of details and search for options

  • Preparation and coordination of optimal options

  • Registration of documents. Payment of the invoice.

  • Departure on the route.


Business aviation airports in USA

The arrival airport is determined at the stage of price calculation. A private jet can land both at the airport of the capital and at small local airfields in the country of arrival (however, this depends on the model and characteristics of the aircraft). We will help you choose the most suitable option. Most flights from USA are made from the following VIP terminals and airports:

  • New York International Airport, ICAO - KJFK, IATA - JFK,
  • Los Angeles International Airport, ICAO - KLAX, IATA - LAX,
  • Miami International Airport, ICAO - KMIA, IATA - MIA,
  • San Francisco International Airport, ICAO - KSFO, IATA - SFO,
  • Chicago International Airport, ICAO - KMDW, IATA - MDW.

In terms of cities, flights are usually to: New York (New York), Los Angeles (Los Angeles), Miami (Miami), San Francisco (San Francisco), Chicago (Chicago). However, flights to other US cities are also possible. For more information on this route, please contact your consultants or visit the official website of the destination country.


business aviation


If the aircraft cannot land at a VIP specific terminal due to weather or technical conditions, the landing can be performed at the nearest airfields available for business aviation flights:

  1. William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), Houston, TX, United States
  2. Asheville Regional Airport (AVL), Fletcher, NC, United States
  3. San Antonio International Airport (SAT), San Antonio, TX, United States
  4. Eglin AFB (VPS) Airport, Valparaiso, FL, United States
  5. Fresno Yosemite Airport (FAT), Fresno, CA, USA
  6. Adams Field Airport (LIT), Little Rock, AR, United States
  7. Eppley Airfield (OMA) Airport, Omaha, NE, United States
  8. Drake Field Municipal (FYV) Airport, Fayetteville, AR, United States
  9. Myrtle Beach AFB (MYR) Airport, Myrtle Beach, SC, United States
  10. Birmingham Airport (BHM), Birmingham, AL, United States
  11. Petersberg James Johnson Airport (PSG), Petersburg, AK, United States
  12. San Francisco Airport (SFO), San Francisco, CA, USA
  13. Albemarle Airport (CHO), Charlottesville, VA, United States
  14. Charleston, AFB Municipal (CHS) Airport, Charleston, SC, USA
  15. Miami International Airport (MIA), Miami, FL, USA
  16. Palm Springs Metropolitan Area (PSP) Airport, Palm Springs, CA, United States
  17. Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field (BOI) Airport, Boise, ID, United States
  18. Santa Barbara Metropolitan Area (SBA) Airport, Santa Barbara, CA, United States
  19. Fairbanks Airport (FAI), Fairbanks, AK, United States
  20. Northwest Arkansas Regional (XNA) Airport, Fayetteville, AR, United States
  21. Joe Foss Field Airport (FSD), Sioux Falls, SD, United States
  22. Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport (ANC), Anchorage, AK, United States
  23. Westchester County Apt (HPN) Airport, Westchester County, NY, United States
  24. Forney AAF (TBN) Airport, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, United States
  25. Philadelphia Airport (PHL), Philadelphia, PA, USA
  26. Bishop International Airport (FNT), Flint, MI, United States
  27. Arcata Airport (ACV), Arcata, CA, United States
  28. Lehigh Valley International (ABE) Airport, Allentown, PA, United States
  29. Albert J Ellis (OAJ) Airport, Jacksonville, NC, United States
  30. Sheppard AFB (SPS) Airport, Wichita Falls, TX, United States
  31. McCaran Airport (LAS), Las Vegas, NV, United States
  32. Long Island Mac Arthur Airport (ISP), Islip, NY, United States
  33. Austin-Straubel Field (GRB) Airport, Green Bay, WI, United States
  34. T. F. Green Airport (PVD), Providence, RI, United States
  35. Bush Field (AGS) Airport, Augusta, GA, United States
  36. El Paso International Airport (ELP), El Paso, TX, United States
  37. Mobile Regional Airport (MOB), Mobile, AL, United States
  38. Huntsville Airport (HSV), Huntsville, AL, United States
  39. Adirondack Airport (SLK), Saranac Lake, NY, United States
  40. Airport Regional (FSM), Fort Smith, AR, United States
  41. Outagamie County Airport (ATW), Appleton, WI, United States
  42. Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport (FLL), Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
  43. Airport Municipal (ARB), Ann Arbor, MI, United States
  44. Municipal (ABI) Airport, Abilene, TX, United States
  45. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW), Dallas, TX, USA
  46. Dannelly Field (MGM) Airport, Montgomery, AL, United States
  47. Augusta (AUG) Airport, Augusta, ME, United States
  48. Yuma airport (YUM), Yuma, AZ, United States
  49. Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR), Tyler, TX, United States
  50. Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH), Tallahassee, FL, United States
  51. Eastern Iowa Airport (CID), Cedar Rapids, IA, United States
  52. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), Phoenix, AZ, United States
  53. Pag Airport (PGA), Page, AZ, United States
  54. Executive Airport (SAC), Sacramento, CA, United States
  55. Trenton Mercer Airport (TTN), Philadelphia, PA, United States
  56. Boundary Bay Airport (JNU), Juneau, AK, United States
  57. Aberdeen Municipal (ABR) Airport, Aberdeen, SD, United States
  58. Roanoke Regional Airport (ROA), Roanoke, VA, United States
  59. Mathis Field Airport (SJT), San Angelo, TX, United States
  60. Dougherty County Airport (ABY), Albany, GA, United States
  61. Greater Peoria Airport (PIA), Peoria, IL, United States
  62. Aniak Airport (ANI), Aniak, AK, United States
  63. San Diego Airport (SAN), San Diego, CA, United States
  64. Texarkana Municipal (TXK) Airport, Texarkana, AR, United States
  65. Dothan Airport (DHN), Dothan, AL, United States
  66. University Park Airport (SCE), State College, PA, United States
  67. Alakanuk airport (AUK), Alakanuk, AK, United States
  68. Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (PUW), Pullman, WA, United States
  69. Yakima Air Terminal (YKM), Yakima, WA, United States
  70. Allakaket Airport (AET), Allakaket, AK, United States
  71. Municipal (ILE) Airport, Killeen, TX, United States
  72. Anaktuvuk airport (AKP), Anaktuvuk, AK, United States
  73. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport (AVP), Wilkes-Barre, PA, United States
  74. Cherry Capital Airport (TVC), Traverse City, MI, United States
  75. Louis Armstrong Airport (MSY), New Orleans, LA, USA
  76. Evansville Regional Airport (EVV), Evansville, IN, United States
  77. Los Alamos Airport (LAM), Los Alamos, NM, United States
  78. Fairchild International Airport (CLM), Port Angeles, WA, United States
  79. Raleigh-Durham Airport (RDU), Raleigh, NC, United States
  80. Arctic Village Airport (ARC), Arctic Village, AK, United States
  81. Jonesboro Airport (JBR), Jonesboro, AR, United States
  82. Alpena County Regional (APN) Airport, Alpena, MI, United States
  83. Natrona County International Airport (CPR), Casper, WY, United States
  84. Pulliam Field (FLG) Airport, Grand Canyon, AZ, United States
  85. Adak Island Ns (ADK) Airport, Adak Island, AK, United States
  86. Kenmore Air Harbor SPB (LKE) Airport, Seattle, WA, United States
  87. Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ), Montrose, CO, United States
  88. Robert Gray AAF (GRK) Airport, Killeen, TX, United States
  89. Nome Airport (OME), Nome, AK, United States
  90. Monterey Peninsula (MRY) Airport, Monterey, CA, United States
  91. San Jose Airport (SJC), San Jose, CA, United States
  92. Richmond Airport (RIC), Richmond, VA, USA
  93. Tok Airport (TKJ), Tok, AK, United States
  94. Alamosa Airport (ALS), Alamosa, CO, United States
  95. Anvik Airport (ANV), Anvik, AK, United States
  96. Norfolk Airport (ORF), Norfolk, VA, United States
  97. Plattsburgh Airport (PBG), Plattsburgh, NY, USA
  98. Kodiak Airport (ADQ), Kodiak, AK, United States
  99. Akiak Airport (AKI), Akiak, AK, United States
  100. Bethel Airport (BET), Bethel, AK, United States
  101. Sheffield Airport (MSL), Sheffield, AL, United States
  102. Nikolski AFS Airport (IKO), Nikolski, AK, United States
  103. Sitka Airport (SIT), Sitka, AK, United States
  104. Tucson Airport (TUS), Tucson, AZ, USA
  105. Worcester Regional Airport (ORH), Worcester, MA, United States
  106. Kona Airport (KOA), Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
  107. Amook Airport (AOS), Amook, AK, United States
  108. Fort Yukon (FYU) Airport, Fort Yukon, AK, United States
  109. Memorial Field (HOT) Airport, Hot Springs, AR, United States
  110. Atmautluak Airport (ATT), Atmautluak, AK, United States
  111. Akhiok SPB Airport (AKK), Akhiok, AK, United States
  112. Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (DSI), Destin, FL, United States
  113. Kingman Airport (IGM), Kingman, AZ, United States
  114. Minto Airport (MNT), Minto, AK, United States
  115. Garden City Municipal Airport (GCK), Garden City, KS, United States
  116. Goodwin Field Airport (ELD), El Dorado, AR, United States
  117. Haines Airport Municipal (HNS), Haines, AK, United States
  118. Atlantic City Airport (ACY), NJ, USA
  119. Tatalina AFS Airport (TLJ), Tatalina, AK, United States
  120. Kenmore Air Harbor (KEH) Airport, Kenmore Air Harbor, WA, United States
  121. Boeing Field King County (BFI) Airport, Seattle, WA, United States
  122. Ketchikan Airport (KTN), Ketchikan, AK, United States
  123. Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport (CLD), San Diego, CA, USA
  124. Spb Airport (KKI), Akiachak, AK, United States
  125. Bert Mooney Airport (BTM), Butte, MT, United States
  126. AFS (PML) Airport, Port Moller, AK, United States
  127. Alitak SPB (ALZ) Airport, Alitak, AK, United States
  128. Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK), Sacramento, CA, United States
  129. Will Rogers Airport (OKC), Oklahoma City, OK, USA
  130. Boone County Airport (HRO), Harrison, AR, United States
  131. Andrews AFB (ADW) Airport, Camp Springs, MD, United States
  132. Lihue Airport (LIH), Lihue, HI, United States
  133. Atka Airport (AKB), Atka, AK, United States
  134. Syracuse Hancock Airport (SYR), Syracuse, NY, United States
  135. Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE), Columbia, SC, United States
  136. Melbourne Airport (MLB), Melbourne, FL, USA
  137. Municipal (KLG) Airport, Kalskag, AK, USA
  138. Prescott Airport (PRC), Prescott, AZ, United States
  139. Acadiana Regional (ARA) Airport, New Iberia, LA, United States
  140. Niagara Falls Airport (IAG), Niagara Falls, NY, United States
  141. Wales Airport (WAA), Wales, AK, United States
  142. Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV), Cordova, AK, United States
  143. Manchester Airport (MHT), Manchester, NH, USA
  144. Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA), Washington, DC, USA
  145. Russian SPB (RSH) Airport, Russian Mission, AK, United States
  146. Greenville Spartanburg Airport (GSP), Greenville, SC, USA
  147. Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (EAU), Eau Claire, WI, United States
  148. Corpus Christi Airport (CRP), Corpus Christi, TX, USA
  149. Birch Creek Airport (KBC), Birch Creek, AK, United States
  150. Kenai Airport (ENA), Kenai, AK, United States
  151. Napakiak SPB (WNA) Airport, Napakiak, AK, United States
  152. Wiley Post/W.Rogers M (BRW) Airport, Barrow, AK, United States
  153. Merced Municipal Airport (MCE), Merced, CA, United States
  154. Gustavus Airport (GST), Gustavus, AK, United States
  155. Jackson County Airport (MFR), Medford, OR, United States
  156. Decatur Airport (DEC), Decatur, IL, United States
  157. Kipnuk SPB (KPN) Airport, Kipnuk, AK, United States
  158. Tin City Afs Airport (TNC), Tin City, AK, United States
  159. Bangor Airport (BGR), Bangor, ME, United States
  160. Newport News/williamsb (PHF) Airport, Newport News, VA, United States
  161. Manokotak SPB (KMO) Airport, Manokotak, AK, United States
  162. Chicken (CKX) Airport, Chicken, AK, United States
  163. Delta County Airport (ESC), Escanaba, MI, United States
  164. Venetie Airport (VEE), Venetie, AK, United States
  165. False Pass Airport (KFP), False Pass, AK, United States
  166. Kansas City Airport (MCI), Kansas City, MO, United States
  167. Yakutat Airport (YAK), Yakutat, AK, United States
  168. Slowline Field Airport (ISN), Williston, ND, USA
  169. Grand Forks Airport (GFK), Grand Forks, ND, United States
  170. Grand Forks Airport (DUT), Dutch Harbor, AK, United States
  171. Kotzebue Airport (OTZ), Kotzebue, AK, USA
  172. Grand Canyon West (GCW) Airport, Grand Canyon West, AZ, United States
  173. Ralph Calhoun Airport (TAL), Tanana, AK, United States
  174. Homer Airport (HOM), Homer, AK, United States
  175. San Luis County Regional Airport (SBP), San Luis Obispo, CA, United States
  176. Great Falls Airport (GTF), Great Falls, MT, USA
  177. Aleknagik Airport (WKK), Aleknagik, AK, United States
  178. Skagway Municipal (SGY) Airport, Skagway, AK, United States
  179. Unalakleet Airport (UNK), Unalakleet, AK, United States
  180. Municipal (DLG) Airport, Dillingham, AK, United States
  181. Barter Island (BTI) Airport, Barter Island, AK, United States
  182. King Salmon Airport (AKN), King Salmon, AK, United States
  183. Takotna airport (TCT), Takotna, AK, United States
  184. Takotna (TCT), Takotna, AK, United States
  185. March ARB (RIV) Airport, Riverside, CA, United States
  186. SPB (KKB), Kitoi Bay, AK, United States
  187. Huslia (HSL) Airport, Huslia, AK, United States
  188. Mc Guire AFB (WRI) Airport, Wrightstown, NJ, United States
  189. Belleville airport (BLV), Belleville, IL, United States
  190. Galena Airport (GAL), Galena, AK, United States
  191. Valdez Municipal Airport (VDZ), Valdez, AK, United States
  192. Marshall airport (MLL), Marshall, AK, United States
  193. Koyuk airport (KKA), Koyek, AK, United States
  194. Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse Airport (SCC), Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, AK, United States
  195. Hector Field (FAR) Airport, Fargo, ND, United States
  196. Wrangell SPB (WRG) Airport, Wrangell, AK, United States
  197. St Michael airport (SMK), St Michael, AK, United States
  198. Florence airport (FLO), Florence, SC, United States
  199. Cold Bay Airport (CDB), Cold Bay, AK, United States
  200. Bettles Airport (BTT), Bettles, AK, United States
  201. Kiana Airport (IAN), Kiana, AK, United States
  202. Shishmaref Airport (SHH), Shishmaref, AK, United States
  203. Eagle Airport (EAA), Eagle, AK, United States
  204. Ekuk airport (KKU), Ekuk, AK, United States
  205. Ruby Airport (RBY), Ruby, AK, United States
  206. Columbus Airport (CSG), Columbus, GA, United States
  207. Hughes Airport (HUS), Hughes, AK, United States
  208. SPB (HYG) Airport, Hydaburg, AK, United States
  209. Teller Airport (TLA), Teller, AK, United States
  210. Gambell airport (GAM), Gambell, AK, United States
  211. Point Baker SPB Airport (KPB), Point Baker, AK, United States
  212. Dew Station Airport (PIZ), Point Lay, AK, United States
  213. Central Illinois Reginald Airport (BMI), Bloomington, IL, United States
  214. Craig SPB Airport (CGA), Craig, AK, United States
  215. Fayetteville Airport (FAY), Fayetteville, NC, United States
  216. Savoonga Airport (SVA), Savoonga, AK, United States
  217. Selawik airport (WLK), Selawik, AK, United States
  218. Kobuk/Wien Airport (OBU), Kobuk, AK, United States
  219. Golovin airport (GLV), Golovin, AK, United States
  220. Saint Marys airport (KSM), Saint Marys, AK, United States
  221. Tuluksak airport (TLT), Tuluksak, AK, United States
  222. Kwethluk airport (KWT), Kwethluk, AK, United States
  223. Mcgrath Airport (MCG), Mcgrath, AK, United States
  224. Wainwright airport (AIN), Wainwright, AK, United States
  225. SPB (HYL) Airport, Hollis, AK, United States
  226. Tri-state/Milton (HTS) Airport, Huntington, KY, United States
  227. Pilot Point Airport (PIP), Pilot Point, AK, United States
  228. Levelock Airport (KLL), Levelock, AK, United States
  229. Brevig Mission Airport (KTS), Teller Mission, AK, United States
  230. Noatak airport (WTK), Noatak, AK, United States
  231. Holy Cross (HCR) Airport, Holy Cross, AK, United States
  232. Diomede Island (DIO) Airport, Diomede Island, AK, United States
  233. Nulato Airport (NUL), Nulato, AK, United States
  234. Biggs AAF (BIF) Airport, El Paso, TX, United States
  235. Shungnak Airport (SHG), Shungnak, AK, United States
  236. Egegik airport (EGX), Egegik, AK, United States
  237. Kongiganak airport (KKH), Kongiganak, AK, United States
  238. Kivalina Airport (KVL), Kivalina, AK, United States
  239. Elfin Cove SPB Airport (ELV), Elfin Cove, AK, United States
  240. Stebbins Airport (WBB), Stebbins, AK, United States
  241. Shaktulik Airport (SKK), Shaktulik, AK, United States
  242. Platinum Airport (PTU), Platinum, AK, United States
  243. Port Lions SPB (ORI) Airport, Port Lions, AK, United States
  244. Twin Hills Airport (TWA), Twin Hills, AK, United States
  245. Paragould Kirk Field (PGR) Airport, Paragould, AR, United States
  246. Cape Lisburne (LUR) Airport, Cape Lisburne, AK, United States
  247. Chignik Airport (KCQ), AK, United States
  248. Klawock Airport (KLW), Klawock, AK, United States
  249. Sand Point Municipal (SDP) Airport, Sand Point, AK, United States
  250. Delta Junction Airport (DJN), Delta Junction, AK, United States
  251. SPB (KAE) Airport, Kake, AK, United States
  252. Akutan Airport (KQA), Akutan, AK, United States
  253. Curtis Memorial Airport (ORV), Noorvik, AK, United States
  254. Nikolai Airport (NIB), Nikolai, AK, United States
  255. Pelican SPB airport (PEC), Pelican, AK, United States
  256. Mountain Village Airport (MOU), Mountain Village, AK, United States
  257. Port Protection Airport (PPV), Port Protection, AK, United States
  258. Magic Valley Airport (TWF), Twin Falls, ID, United States
  259. Nunapitchuk Airport (NUP), Nunapitchuk, AK, United States
  260. Thorne Bay Airport (KTB), Thorne Bay, AK, United States
  261. Kasigluk airport (KUK), Kasigluk, AK, United States
  262. Embler Airport (ABL), Embler, AK, United States
  263. St George Island Airport (STG), St George Island, AK, United States
  264. Clarks Point Airport (CLP), Clarks Point, AK, United States
  265. Eckewock Airport (KEK), Eckewock, AK, United States
  266. Buckland airport (BKC), Buckland, AK, United States
  267. Iliamna Airport (ILI), Iliamna, AK, United States
  268. Elim (ELI) Airport, Elim, AK, United States
  269. Koyukuk (KYU) airport, Koyukuk, AK, United States
  270. Nuiqsut Airport (NUI), Nuiqsut, AK, United States
  271. Newtok airport (WWT), Newtok, AK, United States
  272. Kaltag Airport (KAL), Kaltag, AK, United States
  273. Beaver Airport (WBQ), Beaver, AK, United States
  274. Kotlik (KOT) Airport, Kotlik, AK, United States
  275. Kwigillingok airport (KWK), Kwigillingok, AK, United States
  276. Port Alsworth Airport (PTA), Port Alsworth, AK, United States
  277. Rockford Airport (RFD), Chicago, IL, United States
  278. Tuntutuliak Airport (WTL), Tuntutuliak, AK, United States
  279. Santa Fe Airport (SAF), NM, USA
  280. Central Airport (CEM), Centraliak, AK, USA
  281. Williams Gateway Airport (AZA), Phoenix, AZ, United States
  282. Ellis Field Airport (MYU), Mekoryuk, AK, United States
  283. Ellis Field Airport (MYU), Mekoryuk, AK, United States
  284. NW Florida Beaches Int (ECP) Airport, Panama City, FL, United States
  285. Kwinhagak Airport (KWN), Quinhagak, AK, United States
  286. White Mountain Airport (WMO), White Mountain, AK, United States
  287. Point Hope Airport (PHO), Point Hope, AK, United States
  288. Nelson Lagoon Airport (NLG), Nelson Lagoon, AK, United States
  289. Goodnews Bay Airport (GNU), Goodnews Bay, AK, United States
  290. Nanwalek Airport (KEB), Nanwalek, AK, United States
  291. Toksook Bay Airport (OOK), Toksook Bay, AK, United States
  292. Emmonak Airport (EMK), Emmonak, AK, United States
  293. Deering Airport (DRG), Deering, AK, United States
  294. Lagoon Airport (KCL), Chignik, AK, United States
  295. Healy Lake Airport (HKB), Healy Lake, AK, United States
  296. Larsen SPB (KLN) Airport, Larsen Bay, AK, United States
  297. Nightmute Airport (NME), Nightmute, AK, United States
  298. Hoonah airport (HNH), Hoonah, AK, United States
  299. Pilot Station (PQS) Airport, Pilot Station, AK, United States
  300. Togiak Village Airport (TOG), Togiak Village, AK, United States
  301. Chefornak SPB Airport (CYF), Chefornak, AK, United States
  302. Port Heiden Airport (PTH), Port Heiden, AK, United States
  303. Angoon Airport (AGN), Angoon, AK, United States
  304. Naukiti airport (NKI), Naukiti, AK, United States
  305. Uganik airport (UGI), Uganik, AK, United States
  306. Saint Paul Island (SNP) Airport, Saint Paul Island, AK, United States
  307. South Naknek Airport (WSN), South Naknek, AK, United States
  308. Chalkyitsik Airport (CIK), Chalkyitsik, AK, United States
  309. Old Harbor SPB Airport (OLH), Old Harbor, AK, United States
  310. Circle City Airport (IRC), Circle, AK, United States
  311. Sleetmute Airport (SLQ), Sleetmute, AK, United States
  312. Fanning Field (IDA) Airport, Idaho Falls, ID, United States
  313. Seldovia Airport (SOV), Seldovia, AK, United States
  314. Southwest Florida International (RSW) Airport, Fort Myers, FL, United States
  315. Coffman Cove SPB Airport (KCC), Coffman Cove, AK, United States
  316. Fisheries airport (KCG), Chignik, AK, United States
  317. SPB (MTM) Airport, Metlakatla, AK, United States
  318. Edna Bay Airport (EDA), Edna Bay, AK, United States
  319. Perryville SPB Airport (KPV), Perryville, AK, United States
  320. Forbes Field (FOE) Airport, Topeka, KS, United States
  321. Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK), Atlanta, GA, United States
  322. Stevens Village Airport (SVS), Stevens Village, AK, United States
  323. Tununak Airport (TNK), Tununak, AK, United States
  324. King Cove Airport (KVC), King Cove, AK, United States
  325. Shageluk Airport (SHX), Shageluk, AK, United States
  326. Port Bailey SPB (KPY) Airport, Port Bailey, AK, United States
  327. New Stuyahok Airport (KNW), New Stuyahok, AK, United States
  328. SPB (EXI), Excursion Inlet, AK, United States
  329. Igiugig airport (IGG), Igiugig, AK, United States
  330. Karluk airport (KYK), Karluk, AK, United States
  331. Grayling airport (KGX), Grayling, AK, United States
  332. Kasaan SPB (KXA) Airport, Kasaan, AK, United States
  333. Red Devil Airport (RDV), Red Devil, AK, United States
  334. Manley Hot Springs Airport (MLY), Manley Hot Springs, AK, United States
  335. Whale Pass Airport (WWP), Whale Pass, AK, United States
  336. New Koliganek Airport (KGK), New Koliganek, AK, United States
  337. Ugashik Bay (UGB) Airport, Pilot Point, AK, United States
  338. Tenakee SPB (TKE) Airport, Tenakee Springs, AK, United States
  339. SPB (SCM) Airport, Scammon Bay, AK, United States
  340. Stony River Airport (SRV), Stony River, AK, United States
  341. Rampart Airport (RMP), Rampart, AK, United States
  342. Ouzinkie SPB Airport (KOZ), Ouzinkie, AK, United States
  343. Ouzinkie Municipal/Baer Field (FWA) Airport, Fort Wayne, IN, United States
  344. Hooper Bay Airport (HPB), Hooper Bay, AK, United States
  345. SPB (WMK) Airport, Meyers Chuck, AK, United States
  346. Coldfoot Airport (CXF), Coldfoot, AK, United States
  347. Lake Minchumina Airport (LMA), Lake Minchumina, AK, United States
  348. Eek Airport (EEK), Eek, AK, United States
  349. Sheldon SPB (SXP) Airport, Sheldon Point, AK, United States
  350. SPB (WHD) Airport, Hyder, AK, United States
  351. Waterfall SPB (KWF) Airport, Waterfall, AK, United States
  352. Аэропорт Northway (ORT), Northway, AK, United States
  353. Аэропорт Chevak (VAK), Chevak, AK, United States
  354. Moser Bay Airport (KMY), Moser Bay, AK, United States
  355. Olga Bay SPB (KOY) Airport, Olga Bay, AK, United States
  356. Chuathbaluk (CHU) Airport, Chuathbaluk, AK, United States
  357. Zachar Bay SPB (KZB), Zachar Bay, AK, United States
  358. Chisana Field (CZN) Airport, Chisana, AK, United States
  359. Seal Bay Airport (SYB), Seal Bay, AK, United States
  360. Port Graham Airport (PGM), Port Graham, AK, United States
  361. Farmington, NM, United States, Municipal (FMN) Airport
  362. Deep Bay Airport (WDB), Deep Bay, AK, United States
  363. Village SPB (KWP) Airport, West Point, AK, United States
  364. Nondalton Airport (NNL), Nondalton, AK, United States
  365. Crooked Creek Airport (CKD), Crooked Creek, AK, United States
  366. Chess-Lambertin Airport (FKL), Franklin, PA, United States
  367. Kingsley Field (LMT) Airport, Klamath Falls, OR, United States
  368. Kakhonak Airport (KNK), Kakhonak, AK, United States
  369. Friday Harbor SPB (FBS) Airport, Friday Harbor, WA, United States
  370. Port Williams SPB (KPR) Airport, Port Williams, AK, United States
  371. Falls International Airport (INL), International Falls, MN, United States
  372. Waterfront SPB (WFB) Airport, Ketchikan, AK, United States
  373. Friday Harbor Airport (FRD), Friday Harbor, WA, United States
  374. Fort Dodge Regional (FOD) Airport, Fort Dodge, IA, United States
  375. Thief River Falls, MN, United States
  376. Republic Field (FRG) Airport, Farmingdale, NY, United States
  377. Regional (FAM) Airport, Farmington, MO, United States
  378. Fond Du Lac (FLD) Airport, Fond Du Lac, WI, United States
  379. Industrial Airpark (HBB) Airport, Hobbs, NM, United States
  380. Ellsworth AFB (RCA) Airport, Rapid City, SD, United States
  381. Nellis AFB (LSV) Airport, Las Vegas, NV, United States
  382. Pedro Bay Airport (PDB), Pedro Bay, AK, United States
  383. Logan International Airport (BOS), Boston, MA, United States
  384. Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall (BWI) Airport, Baltimore, MD, USA
  385. Brainard Airport (HFD), Hartford, CT, United States
  386. Blue Grass Airport (LEX), Lexington, KY, United States
  387. Bellingham (BLI) Airport, Bellingham, WA, United States
  388. Gallatin Field (BZN) Airport, Bozeman, MT, United States
  389. Branson (BKG) Airport, Branson, MO, United States
  390. Gulfport Biloxi International (GPT) Airport, Gulfport, MS, United States
  391. Daytona Beach Regional (DAB) Airport, FL, United States
  392. Springfield-Branson Rg Airport (SGF), Springfield, MO, United States
  393. Buffalo Niagara Airport (BUF), Buffalo, NY, United States
  394. Ryan Airport (BTR), Baton Rouge, LA, United States
  395. Barnstable Airport (HYA), Hyannis, MA, United States
  396. Meadows Field Airport (BFL), Bakersfield, CA, United States
  397. South Bend Regional (SBN) Airport, South Bend, IN, United States
  398. South Padre Is. International (BRO), Brownsville, TX, United States
  399. Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM), Binghamton, NY, United States
  400. Tri-cities Regional (TRI) Airport, Blountville, VA, United States
  401. Honolulu Airport (HNL), Honolulu, HI, USA
  402. Bemidji Airport (BJI), Bemidji, MN, United States
  403. Indianapolis airport (IND), Indianapolis, IN, USA
  404. Bradford airport (BFD), Bradford, PA, United States
  405. Benedum Airport (CKB), Clarksburg, WV, United States
  406. Beckley Airport (BKW), Beckley, WV, United States
  407. Simmons Nott Airport (EWN), New Bern, NC, United States
  408. New Bedford Airport (EWB), New Bedford, MA, United States
  409. Lewis B Wilson (MCN) Airport, Macon, GA, United States
  410. Barkley Regional (PAH) Airport, Paducah, KY, United States
  411. Jefferson County Airport (BPT), Beaumont, TX, United States
  412. North Bend Airport (OTH), North Bend, OR, United States
  413. Kalamazoo Battle Creek Airport (AZO), Kalamazoo, MI, United States
  414. John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), New York, NY, United States
  415. Laughlin Bullhead International (IFP) Airport, Bullhead City, AZ, United States
  416. Blacker Airport (MBL), Manistee, MI, United States
  417. Boulder City Airport (BLD), Las Vegas, NV, United States
  418. Kahului Airport (OGG), Kahului, HI, United States
  419. Pease International Airport (PSM), Boston, MA, United States
  420. Jacksonville Airport (JAX), Jacksonville, FL, United States
  421. Quincy M Baldwin Field (UIN) Airport, Quincy, IL, United States
  422. Block Island (BID) Airport, Block Island, RI, United States
  423. Memphis Airport (MEM), Memphis, TN, United States
  424. Port Columbus Airport (CMH), Columbus, OH, United States
  425. Brainerd Lakes Regional (BRD) Airport, Brainerd, MN, United States
  426. Oakland Airport (OAK), Oakland, CA, USA
  427. Newark Liberty International (EWR) Airport, New York, NY, United States
  428. Lee Bird Field (LBF) Airport, North Platte, NE, United States
  429. Great Bend Airport (GBD), Great Bend, KS, United States
  430. Bob Hope Airport (BUR), Burbank, CA, USA
  431. Hilo Airport (ITO), Hilo, HI, USA
  432. Du Bois-Jefferson County (DUJ) Airport, Du Bois, PA, United States
  433. Des Moines International Airport (DSM), Des Moines, IA, United States
  434. MBS International (MBS) Airport, Saginaw, MI, United States
  435. George Bush Airport (IAH), Houston, TX, United States
  436. Tulsa Airport (TUL), Tulsa, OK, USA
  437. Bradley Airport (BDL), Windsor Locks, CT, USA
  438. Glynco Jetport (BQK), Brunswick, GA, United States
  439. Beatrice Airport (BIE), Beatrice, NE, United States
  440. Bar Harbor Airport (BHB), Bar Harbor, ME, United States
  441. New Haven Airport (HVN), New Haven, CT, United States
  442. Duluth airport (DLH), Duluth, MN, USA
  443. Tompkins County Airport (ITH), Ithaca, NY, United States
  444. Rosario SPB (RSJ) Airport, Rosario, WA, United States
  445. Eagle County (EGE) Airport, Vail, CO, United States
  446. Roche Harbor Airport (RCE), Roche Harbor, WA, United States
  447. Orcas Island Airport (ESD), Eastsound, WA, United States
  448. Imperial County (IPL) Airport, Imperial, CA, United States
  449. Westsound Airport (WSX), Westsound, WA, United States
  450. Kern County Airport (IYK), Inyokern, CA, United States
  451. Los Angeles Airport (LAX), Los Angeles, CA, United States
  452. Chicago FSS (CHI) airport, Chicago, IL, United States
  453. Denver airport (DEN), Denver, CO, USA
  454. Charlotte Douglas airport (CLT), Charlotte, NC, United States
  455. Colorado Springs Airport (COS), Colorado Springs, CO, USA
  456. John Wayne Airport (SNA), Santa Ana, CA, USA
  457. Ontario Airport (ONT), Ontario, CA, USA
  458. Long Beach Airport (LGB), Long Beach, CA, USA
  459. Akron-Canton Airport (CAK), OH, USA
  460. Sacramento Airport (SMF), Sacramento, CA, USA
  461. Charlotte County Airport (PGD), Punta Gorda, FL, USA
  462. Mid-Continent Airport (ICT), Wichita, KS, United States
  463. Downtown (MKC) Airport, Kansas City, MO, United States
  464. Capital City Airport (LAN), Lansing, MI, United States
  465. James Cox Dayton International (DAY) Airport, Dayton, OH, United States
  466. Harrisburg Skyport (HAR) Airport, Harrisburg, PA, United States
  467. Grand Canyon, AZ, United States
  468. Tri-cities Airport (PSC), Pasco, WA, United States
  469. Capital Airport (SPI), Springfield, IL, United States
  470. Lovell Field Airport (CHA), Chattanooga, TN, United States
  471. Aspen Airport (ASE), Aspen, CO, USA
  472. Yeager Airport (CRW), Charleston, WV, United States
  473. Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA), Seattle, WA, USA
  474. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW) Airport, Detroit, MI, United States
  475. Midway Airport (MDW), Chicago, IL, United States
  476. Quad-City Airport (MLI), Moline, IL, United States
  477. St. Petersburg-Clearwater International (PIE) Airport, Tampa, FL, United States
  478. Salt Lake City Airport (SLC), Salt Lake City, UT, United States
  479. Chico Airport (CIC), Chico, CA, United States
  480. Dane County Regional (MSN) Airport, Madison, WI, United States
  481. Yellowstone Regional (COD) Airport, Cody, WY, United States
  482. Columbia Regional (COU) Airport, Columbia, MO, United States
  483. Elmira Corning Regional (ELM) Airport, Elmira, NY, United States
  484. University of Illinois Willard (CMI) Airport, Champaign, IL, United States
  485. Carlsbad Airport (CNM), Carlsbad, NM, United States
  486. Mammoth Lakes Airport (MMH), Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA
  487. Regional (RAP) Airport, Rapid City, SD, United States
  488. La Plata Airport (DRO), Durango, CO, United States
  489. Walker Field (GJT) Airport, Grand Junction, CO, United States
  490. Sonoma County Airport (STS), Santa Rosa, CA, United States
  491. Wilmington Airport (ILM), Wilmington, NC, United States
  492. Cambria County Airport (JST), Johnstown, PA, United States
  493. Campbell County Airport (GCC), Gillette, WY, United States
  494. Lake Charles Municipal Airport (LCH), Lake Charles, LA, United States
  495. Easterwood Field Airport (CLL), College Station, TX, United States
  496. Houghton County (CMX) Airport, Hancock, MI, United States
  497. Canyonlands Field (CNY) Airport, Moab, UT, United States
  498. Saint Cloud Regional (STC) Airport, Saint Cloud, MN, United States
  499. Municipal (LSE) Airport, La Crosse, WI, United States
  500. Wicomico Regional (SBY) Airport, Salisbury-Ocean City, MD, United States
  501. Chadron airport (CDR), Chadron, NE, United States
  502. Yampa Valley Airport (HDN), Hayden, CO, United States
  503. Spokane Airport (GEG), Spokane, WA, United States
  504. Chisholm airport (HIB), Chisholm, MN, United States
  505. Central Wisconsin Airport (CWA), Wausau, WI, United States
  506. Dawson Community Airport (GDV), Glendive, MT, United States
  507. Cortez Airport (CEZ), Cortez, CO, United States
  508. Westmoreland County Airport (LBE), Latrobe, PA, United States
  509. Lycoming County Airport (IPT), Williamsport, PA, United States
  510. Mc Namara Field (CEC) Airport, Crescent City, CA, United States
  511. Public (SMX) Airport, Santa Maria, CA, United States
  512. Lanai City Airport (LNY), Lanai City, HI, United States
  513. Gunnison Airport (GUC), Gunnison, CO, United States
  514. Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Field (LUK) Airport, Covington, OH, United States
  515. Chippewa County (CIU) Airport, Sault Sainte Marie, MI, United States
  516. Cape Girardeau Airport (CGI), Cape Girardeau, MO, United States
  517. Golden Triangle Reg. (GTR), Columbus, MS, United States
  518. Redding Airport (RDD), Redding, CA, United States
  519. Miramar MS Airport (NKX), San Diego, CA, United States
  520. Emmet County Airport (PLN), Pellston, MI, United States
  521. Telluride Regional (TEX) Airport, Telluride, CO, United States
  522. Sioux Gateway Airport (SUX), Sioux City, IA, United States
  523. Nez Perce County Airport (LWS), Lewiston, ID, United States
  524. Daviess County Airport (OWB), Owensboro, KY, United States
  525. Elko Regional (EKO) Airport, Elko, NV, United States
  526. Municipal (MOD) Airport, Modesto, CA, United States
  527. Sarasota Bradenton Airport (SRQ), Sarasota, FL, United States
  528. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG) Airport, Covington, OH, United States
  529. Visalia Airport (VIS), Visalia, CA, United States
  530. Wash. County Regional (HGR), Hagerstown, MD, United States
  531. Tampa airport (TPA), Tampa, FL, USA
  532. Tampa, Tampa, FL, United States Municipal Airport (CVN), Clovis, NM, United States
  533. Memorial Airport (PUB), Pueblo, CO, United States
  534. Sweetwater County (RKS) Airport, Rock Springs, WY, United States
  535. Williamson County (MWA) Airport, Marion, IL, United States
  536. Portland Airport (PDX), Portland, OR, USA
  537. Dodge City Municipal (DDC) Airport, Dodge City, KS, United States
  538. Mason City Municipal (MCW) Airport, Mason City, IA, United States
  539. Corcoran Airport (CRO), Corcoran, CA, United States
  540. Austin Bergstrom Airport (AUS), Austin, TX, United States
  541. Malta Airport (MLK), Malta, MT, United States
  542. Preston Smith Airport (LBB), Lubbock, TX, USA
  543. Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Los Angeles, CA, USA
  544. Orlando airport (MCO), Orlando, FL, USA
  545. Grant County Airport (SVC), Silver City, NM, USA
  546. Pittsburgh airport (PIT), Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  547. Orlando Sanford Airport (SFB), Orlando, FL, USA
  548. Lambert-St. Louis International (STL) Airport, St Louis, MO, United States
  549. Palm Beach Airport (PBI), West Palm Beach, FL, USA
  550. Albuquerque Airport (ABQ), Albuquerque, NM, United States
  551. Sawyer Airport (MQT), Marquette, MI, USA
  552. Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL), Cleveland, OH, United States
  553. Washington Dulles Airport (IAD), Washington, DC, USA
  554. O'Hare Airport (ORD), Chicago, IL, USA
  555. City County Airport (HVR), Havre, MT, United States
  556. Municipal (IRK) Airport, Kirksville, MO, USA
  557. Clayton Airport (CAO), Clayton, NM, United States
  558. General Mitchell Airport (MKE), Milwaukee, WI, United States
  559. Reno Tahoe Airport (RNO), Reno, NV, United States
  560. Cedar City Airport (CDC), Cedar City, UT, USA
  561. Louisville Airport (SDF), Louisville, KY, USA
  562. Savannah/Hilton Head Airport (SAV), Savannah, GA, United States
  563. Municipal (MLS) Airport, Miles City, MT, United States
  564. Heliport (JEM) Airport, Emeryville, CA, United States
  565. Richland Municipalcipal (SDY) Airport, Sidney, MT, United States
  566. Albany International Airport (ALB), Albany, NY, United States
  567. Naples Airport (APF), Naples, FL, USA
  568. McAllen-Miller Airport (MFE), McAllen, TX, USA
  569. North Island NAS (NZY) Airport, San Diego, CA, United States
  570. Eugene Airport (EUG), Eugene, OR, USA
  571. St Augustine Airport (UST), St Augustine, FL, USA
  572. Rickenbacker Airport (LCK), Columbus, OH, United States
  573. Lincoln Airport (LNK), Lincoln, NE, USA
  574. Lafayette Reginald Airport (LFT), Lafayette, LA, USA
  575. Bismarck Airport (BIS), Bismarck, ND, USA
  576. Missoula Airport (MSO), Missoula, MT, USA
  577. Alexandria Airport (AEX), Alexandria, LA, USA
  578. Rick Hasband Amarillo Airport (AMA), Amarillo, TX, USA
  579. Laredo Airport (LRD), Laredo, TX, USA
  580. Helena Airport (HLN), Helena, MT, USA
  581. Martha's Vineyard Airport (MVY), Vineyard Haven, MA, USA
  582. Whitted Airport (SPG), St Petersburg, FL, USA
  583. Waterloo airport (ALO), Waterloo, IA, USA
  584. Harrisburg Airport (MDT), Harrisburg, PA, USA
  585. Cheyenne airport (CYS), Cheyenne, WY, USA
  586. Jamestown Airport (JMS), Jamestown, ND, USA
  587. St. George Municipal (SGU) Airport, Saint George, UT, USA
  588. Laramie Reginal Airport (LAR), Laramie, WY, USA
  589. Martinsberg Airport (AOO), Martinsberg, PA, USA
  590. Salina Airport (SLN), Salina, KS, United States
  591. Gary airport (GYY), Gary, IN, USA
  592. Smith-Reynolds Airport (INT), Winston Salem, NC, United States
  593. Ogdensberg Airport (OGS), Ogdensberg, NY, USA
  594. Sun Valley Airport (SUN), Sun Valley, ID, United States
  595. Rutland Airport (RUT), Rutland, VT, USA
  596. Jamestown Airport (JHW), Jamestown, NY, USA
  597. McCook Airport (MCK), McCook, NE, USA
  598. Alliance Airport (AIA), Alliance, NE, USA
  599. Leckrone Airport (SLO), Salem, IL, USA
  600. NAS Chambers Airport (NGU), Norfolk, VA, United States
  601. Dickinson airport (DIK), Dickinson, ND, United States
  602. Love Field Airport (DAL), Dallas, TX, United States
  603. Municipal (DBQ) Airport, Dubuque, IA, United States
  604. Municipal (DBQ) Airport, Dubuque, IA, United States
  605. Devils Lake Airport (DVL), Devils Lake, ND, United States
  606. Pangborn Field Airport (EAT), Wenatchee, WA, United States
  607. Howes Airport (HON), Huron, SD, United States
  608. Deer Harbor Airport (DHB), Deer Harbor, WA, United States
  609. Del Rio Airport (DRT), Del Rio, TX, United States
  610. Municipal Airport (ACT), Waco, TX, United States
  611. Regional (VLD) Airport, Valdosta, GA, United States
  612. Vernal airport (VEL), Vernal, UT, United States
  613. Lopez Island Airport (LPS), Lopez Island, WA, United States
  614. County-Foster (VCT) Airport, Victoria, TX, United States
  615. Wolf Point International (OLF) Airport, Wolf Point, MT, United States
  616. Jackson-evers airport (JAN), Jackson, MS, United States
  617. Toledo Express Airport (TOL), Toledo, OH, United States
  618. Erie International Airport (ERI), Erie, PA, United States
  619. Athens Ben Eps Airport (AHN), Athens, GA, United States
  620. Kilgore Airport (GGG), Kilgore, TX, United States
  621. Pendleton Airport (PDT), Pendleton, OR, United States
  622. EYW (EYW) International Airport, Key West, FL, United States
  623. Walla Walla (ALW) Airport, Walla Walla, WA, United States
  624. Watertown Airport (ART), Watertown, NY, United States
  625. White River Airport (LEB), White River, NH, United States
  626. Watertown Airport (ATY), Watertown, SD, United States
  627. Westerly State Airport (WST), Westerly, RI, United States
  628. Kamuela Airport (MUE), Kamuela, HI, United States
  629. Worland Municipalcipal (WRL) Airport, Worland, WY, United States
  630. Gerald R. Ford International (GRR) Airport, Grand Rapids, MI, United States
  631. Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR), Grand Rapids, MI, United States
  632. Ford Airport (IMT), Iron Mountain, MI, United States
  633. Gainesville Regional (GNV) Airport, Gainesville, FL, United States
  634. Roberts Field Airport (RDM), Redmond, OR, United States
  635. Roberts Field Airport (RDM), Redmond, OR, United States
  636. Preston-Glenn Field (LYH) Airport, Lynchburg, VA, United States
  637. Richards Field (MSS) Airport, Massena, NY, United States
  638. Richards Field Airport (MSS), Massena, NY, United States
  639. Mc Kellar-Sipes Regional (MKL) Airport, Jackson, TN, United States
  640. Hilton Head (HHH) Airport, Hilton Head, SC, United States
  641. Presque Isle Municipal (PQI) Airport, Presque Isle, ME, United States
  642. Gogebic County (IWD) Airport, Ironwood, MI, United States
  643. Grand Island (GRI) Airport, Grand Island, NE, United States
  644. La Guardia Airport (LGA), New York, NY, United States
  645. Mc Ghee Tyson Airport (TYS), Knoxville, TN, United States
  646. Piedmont Triad International (GSO) Airport, Greensboro, NC, United States
  647. Greater Rochester International (ROC) Airport, Rochester, NY, United States
  648. Glacier Park International (FCA) Airport, Kalispell, MT, United States
  649. Greenbrier Valley Airport (LWB), Lewisburg, WV, United States
  650. Pitt-Greenville Airport (PGV), Greenville, NC, United States
  651. Greenville Airport (GLH), Greenville, MS, United States
  652. Greenville Airport (GGV), Glasgow, MT, United States
  653. Pierre Airport (PIR), Pierre, SD, United States
  654. Pocatello Airport (PIH), Pocatello, ID, United States
  655. Wood County Airport (PKB), Parkersburg, OH, United States
  656. Pontiac Airport (PTK), Pontiac, MI, United States
  657. Molokai Airport (MKK), Hoolehua, HI, United States
  658. Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), Jackson, WY, United States
  659. Hana Airport (HNM), Hana, HI, United States
  660. Kapalua West Maui (JHM) Airport, Lahaina, HI, United States
  661. Valley International Airport (HRL), Harlingen, TX, United States
  662. Hays Municipal Airport (HYS), Hays, KS, United States
  663. Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional (PIB) Airport, Laurel, MS, United States
  664. Shenandoah Valley Airport (SHD), Staunton, VA, United States
  665. Kalaupapa Airport (LUP), Kalaupapa, HI, United States
  666. Kalaupapa (LUP) airport, Kalaupapa, HI, United States
  667. Industrial (ROW) Airport, Roswell, NM, United States
  668. Oneida County Airport (RHI), Rhinelander, WI, United States
  669. Knox County Regional (RKD) Airport, Rockland, ME, United States
  670. Riverton Regional (RIW) Airport, Riverton, WY, United States
  671. Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP) Airport, Minneapolis, MN, United States
  672. Nashville International Airport (BNA), Nashville, TN, United States
  673. PWM International Jetport (PWM), Portland, ME, United States
  674. Midland International Airport (MAF), Midland, TX, United States
  675. Burlington Airport (BRL), Burlington, IA, United States
  676. Billings Airport (BIL), Billings, MT, United States
  677. Burlington Airport (BTV), Burlington, VT, United States
  678. Regional (SHV) Airport, Shreveport, LA, United States
  679. Sheridan Airport (SHR), Sheridan, WY, United States
  680. Show Low (SOW) Airport, Show Low, AZ, United States
  681. Joplin Regional (JLN) Airport, Joplin, MO, United States
  682. Municipal (MMU) Airport, Morristown, NJ, United States
  683. Reynolds Municipal (JXN) Airport, Jackson, MI, United States
  684. Ogden (OGD) Airport, Ogden, UT, United States
  685. Lakefront Airport (NEW), New Orleans, LA, United States
  686. University-Oxford (UOX) Airport, Oxford, MS, United States
  687. Municipal (ONL) Airport, Oneill, NE, United States
  688. Manhattan Airport (MHK), Manhattan, KS, United States
  689. Kearney Airport (EAR), Kearney, NE, United States
  690. Municipal (LBL) Airport, Liberal, KS, United States
  691. Lancaster Airport (LNS), Lancaster, PA, United States
  692. Municipal (LAW) Airport, Lawton, OK, United States
  693. Municipal (LWT) Airport, Lewistown, MT, United States
  694. Municipal (MLU) Airport, Monroe, LA, United States
  695. Lemons Municipalcipal (TUP) Airport, Tupelo, MS, United States
  696. Morgantown Airport (MGW), Morgantown, WV, United States
  697. Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK), Nantucket, MA, United States
  698. Provincetown Airport (PVC), Provincetown, MA, United States
  699. Muskegon Airport (MKG), Muskegon, MI, United States
  700. Stewart Airport (SWF), Newburgh, NY, United States
  701. Teterboro Airport (TEB), Teterboro, NJ, United States
  702. Western Neb. Regional (BFF), Scottsbluff, NE, United States
  703. Youngstown Airport (YNG), Youngstown, OH, United States
  704. Provo Airport (PVU), Provo, UT, United States
  705. Yellowstone Airport (WYS), West Yellowstone, MT, United States

Business aviation passengers are served in the VIP terminal. There are no line-ups, so you can arrive at the airport 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off. You can get additional information on the private airport from our consultants or on our official website.


Types of flights

Our company provides all types of business flights. Due to a wide variety of jets, we can arrange:

  1. private flights;
  2. corporate flights;
  3. business class flights;
  4. concert tours;
  5. medical flights (with doctors and special equipment on board);
  6. tourist flights for large and small groups;
  7. sports charters for teams and coaching staff;
  8. combined flights (partly by business jet, and partly by helicopter);
  9. exclusive flights on luxury jets for businessmen, celebrities, and politicians;
  10. cargo flights, etc.

A flexible approach and a wide experience allow us to solve problems of any complexity. In 90% of cases, we manage to arrange urgent flights (on the day of application). But to be sure, we recommend you send a request at least 2-5 days before the desired date of departure.


private flight with animals


Empty Legs

Another way to fly cheaper is to use Empty Legs. This service allows you to save on regular charter rates. As you know, part of the flights is one-way (for example, when the passenger flies from England to USA). After the flight, the jet returns to its home base (for example, to London Heathrow airport) empty. Such flight is called “Empty Legs”. Empty leg flights can be as cheap as 50-75% off the standard charter price. This option is profitable for both the passengers and the charter companies. The clients can enjoy the services of business aviation at a very good price, while the airlines recoup part of the cost of fuel and jet maintenance.

It is almost impossible to find Empty Leg flights, as the information about them is stored in special databases available only to the aviation brokers and specialized companies. You should know that Empty Leg flights offer the same service as private jet charters. The passengers enjoy a 100% private jet flying experience. Services and flight conditions are discussed individually. We should note that our company cooperates with the world’s largest home bases, so we can offer our clients a wide choice of return flights. Just send a request to our manager who will help you find the best flight options. Please note that Empty Leg flights are sold out very quickly. To avoid such a problem, you can leave us a deposit, and we will contact you as soon as the flight of your choice becomes available. For additional information, check with the operators.



empty legs


Jet Sharing

Today, Jet Sharing is just as popular as private jet charter. This service involves the joint rental of a business jet with other passengers (that is, the cost of the flight is divided equally between all passengers of a specific flight). This type of flight has become especially popular in the last few years. Many people like Jet Sharing because it allows you to enjoy all benefits of business aviation at favorable prices.

We should note that the number of passengers per Jet Sharing flight varies from 3 to 8, while the cost of the flight ranges from 1200 to 6000 pounds (depending on the destination). This way, you can get a comfortable flight on a business jet (and maybe even meet new business partners) at a very good price. You can check out the schedule of Jet Sharing flights by filling in the online form or contacting our operators by phone or WhatsApp.

Main advantages of this service:

  • All privileges of business aviation, including the use of the business aviation terminal and the check-in 30 minutes before the flight, are retained;
  • You can also use the services of the VIP Lounge (included in the price of the flight);
  • No baggage restrictions;
  • Affordable price: jet sharing is much cheaper than private jet charter;
  • Pets can be carried directly in the aircraft cabin.


Our consultants will be happy to help you choose the best flight.


jet sharing


Helicopter charter

Private Jets UK clients have access to the top private helicopters. There are many helipads in USA, which allow you to get to your destination quickly and comfortably. Usually, our customers are transferred to a helicopter right at the airport of arrival. However, if this option is not available, we arrange a VIP transfer to the nearest helipad. The following jets are available for booking at the moment:

  • Bell 407 (6 seats) - 15 helicopters available
  • Agusta Westland 139 (15 seats) - 9 helicopters available
  • Eurocopter AS355N (5 seats) - 25 helicopters available
  • Agusta A109SP Grand New (5 seats) - 11 helicopters available
  • Airbus Helicopter H130 (6 seats) - 14 helicopters available
  • Eurocopter EC155 (6 seats) - 30 helicopters available
  • Bell 407 (6 seats) - 22 helicopters available
  • Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil (5 seats) - 18 helicopters available
  • McDonnell Douglas MD 600N (5 seats) - 11 helicopters available
  • Sikorsky S-92 (24 seats) - 20 helicopters available
  • AgustaWestland AW139 (15 seats) - 31 helicopters available
  • Airbus Helicopters H 135 (6 seats) - 8 helicopters available
  • Bell 407GXP (5 seats) - 29 helicopters available
  • Bell 429 (6 seats) - 14 helicopters available
  • Bell 505 (4 seats) - 32 helicopters available
  • Bell 525 (10 seats) - 15 helicopters available
  • Robinson R44 (3 seats) - 33 helicopters available
  • Robinson R66 (4 seats) - 27 helicopters available


The site contains only a small part of our range of helicopters. Please contact our aviation consultants for more detailed information on a particular model.


private helicopter flight


Flight payment options

The main goal of our company is to provide the highest level of comfort to our customers. Therefore, we’re always ready to meet you halfway. Our consultants will offer you a wide variety of flights to meet your needs and budget. Most customers prefer a non-cash method (a transfer to an EU bank account), which guarantees a high level of confidentiality and security of payment. All payment details are provided in advance, so you’ll have enough time to make the necessary checks. For years of working in business aviation, our company has gained an impeccable reputation. We practice transparency and are always ready to present all necessary documents.

Private Jet UK works with both physical and legal entities. We guarantee the confidentiality and security of payments. You can pay for the flights from USA in any convenient way:

  • cashless (by transfer to our account);
  • by cash;
  • by card;
  • by cryptocurrency.


Our company works with European and British banks, which allows you to choose the most convenient payment method. In addition, we conclude formal agreements and provide our clients with all necessary documents and invoices, which guarantees the safe payment and delivery of services. If you have any financial questions, feel free to contact our private aviation consultants.

If you need to book an urgent flight, please keep in mind that the bank transfer can take a few days. In such situations, we may need to involve our partner companies so that you can pay for your flight in cash. If you have any questions, you can contact your personal consultant 24/7.


reservation and payment for a private jet flight


Flights from the UK to USA

The most popular flight routes are London - USA, Edinburgh - USA, Cardiff - USA and Belfast - USA. However, this is only a small part of the flights operated by our company. Our clients have access to all airports of the UK and Europe. Due to the unique partnership conditions, we can offer our clients the best prices for business aviation services. Our experts will consult you on the availability of private jets in a particular city and help you choose the best option.


Current list of TOP 25 business aviation airports:

Airport Country ICAO IATA
London Heathrow Airport England EGLL LHR
 Birmingham Airport England EGBB BHX
London Gatwick England EGKK LGW
London City Airport England EGLC LCY
London Luton England EGGW LTN
Edinburgh Airport Scotland EGPH EDI
Leeds Airport England EGNM LBA
Manchester Airport England EGCC MAN
London Stansted England EGSS STN
Liverpool John Lennon Airport England EGGP LPL
Newcastle Airport England EGNT NCL
 Bristol Airport England EGGD BRS
Glasgow Airport Scotland EGPF GLA
 East Midlands Airport England EGNX EMA
 Southampton Airport England EGHI SOU
 Jersey Airport England EGJJ JER
Cardiff International Airport Wales EGFF CWL
Inverness Airport Scotland EGPE INV
Bournemouth Airport England EGHH BOH
Airport Doncaster Sheffield England EGCN DSA
Oxford Airport England EGTK OXF
London Biggin Hill England EGKB BQH
Belfast Airport Northern Ireland EGAA BFS
Gibraltar Airport Gibraltar LXGB GIB
Aberdeen Airport Scotland EGPD ABZ


Features of the company

For over 15 years of providing aviation services in Europe, Private Jets UK has accumulated a lot of experience in the solution of business aviation problems. Each of our team members is well versed in the documentation and organization of private flights.

Numbers we are proud of:

  • We have been actively developing in the field of business aviation for over 15 years.
  • Our staff includes 33 specialists who speak 6 international languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Italian).
  • The company’s catalog contains over 6500 models of private jets and helicopters, available for order at any time.
  • We have 3 international offices in Europe and are planning to open the new ones in Cyprus and Moscow.
  • We only need 2-4 hours to arrange an urgent flight.
  • The company has over 200 regular customers worldwide.


If you still have questions about Private Jets UK, we will be glad to help you. You can always call us or fill out the form on the website. Our aviation consultant will contact you as soon as possible and send you an official presentation of the company and answer all your questions.



Online paperwork for private jet flights


Our team

We hire only the best specialists who are well-versed in all aspects of business aviation. 33 professionals, working in Private Jets UK, arrange the helicopter and private jet charter flights.

Each client is assigned a personal air broker who undertakes to:

  • to stay in touch with the customer 24/7;
  • to answer all questions related to the choice of private jet, optimization of the route, selection of staff, catering, security and meeting at the airport and quickly address all organizational problems;
  • to provide the highest level of service and pay attention to the smallest details.

Our employees work all over the world, so they know many languages. The contract is usually issued in English (however, if necessary, we can translate it into any other language). You can always contact our managers who will help you solve the tasks of any complexity. After all, our goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable on board.


Private Jet UK team photo


Direct communication with the company management:


TOP 5 best brokers in the UK:


Private Jets UK has received multiple awards and certificates for its high level of customer service.


The company’s offices

We will be glad to see you in our offices in London, Paris and Berlin. Note that our schedule may be changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check the exact information with the operators. We strictly follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and carry out all necessary preventive measures: hand sanitizers, social distance, air disinfectants and wet cleaning three times a day. All company employees are vaccinated.



Private Jet office


Business Aviation in London


Address: Business Aviation Centre, Hartmann Rd, London E16 2PX, United Kingdom

Email address: london@private-jets.co.uk

Opening hours: daily from 8:00 to 23:30.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



Business Aviation in Paris


Address: Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget, 93350 Le Bourget, France

Email address: paris@private-jets.co.uk

Opening hours: daily from 7:30 to 23:30.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



Business Aviation in Berlin


Address:Platz d. Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin, Germany

Email address: berlin@private-jets.co.uk

Opening hours: daily from 8:30 to 23:00.

We are available 24/7.

Directions to the office:



Flight Requests
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